Eyelash extensions

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We make you look and feel beautiful, also provide low-maintenance every day beauty routine. You will love new lashes and be amazed how great you look after a visit.

We aim to provide our clients with the best eyelash service in Toronto and eyebrow design services in  relaxed and professional atmosphere. The staff at Illusions Beauty & Wellness have many years of experience and are here to offer exceptional service catered to each individual. 

Our Lash Technicians are more than happy to hold a consultation prior to the appointment to determine a design that would best suit your eyes, regardless of whether you are looking to treat yourself to a gorgeous set of lashes of lashes for a special event or simply to forgo the daily hassle of makeup. Our technicians are highly capable of creating a variety of looks using lash extensions of the appropriate length and curl for your natural lashes and will customize the shape to your liking. 

We have built up a reputation of providing only the best lash product and lash extensions today, utilising our skilled technicians and their experience to approach each and every face with a bespoke commitment.