Kerasilk treatment

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is a semi-permanent hair straightening method done by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron. The technique has many variations and is known by several other names and brands, including Brazilian Blowout, Breezilian straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, and Keratin Cure. It is called Escova Progressiva in Brazil and Alisado brasileiro in Portugal.

The new Kerasilk with Keratransform Technology™ (KT³™) fuses the power of three superior ingredients to deliver powerful transformations.

The first two ingredients — engineered Keratin and lightweight silk — contribute to structural support and long-lasting color protection. Together, these form the foundation for all Kerasilk formulas. The third advanced ingredient, inspired by skin care scene, delivers specialized results specific to each of the Kerasilk four segments. Together, the combination of ingredients propels Kerasilk to the forefront of the industry, delivering the perfect transformation of beauty, strength, and protection.

This impressive, multi-pronged approach propels Kerasilk to the forefront of luxury hair care innovation — the foundation for the perfect transformation of beauty, strength, and protection. The two products readily interconvert, and coexist in chemical equilibrium, when dissolved in water or body fluids. Since formaldehyde is a known health hazard, the compositions have been banned in several countries including Canada and the European Union. It is still performed in the United States, though there are regulations and have been controversies regarding the treatment.


KeraGreen Treatment

We provide a wide variety of Organic Hair Products and a Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Smoothing Treatment which will restore the hair, eliminate the frizz and bring it back to life.
Throughout the years our pursuit has been to search for the safest & highest quality of ingredients that would positively impact the lives our of clients as well as our planet, which led us to where we are today. Our group consists of health conscious experts with over 35 years of experience in the health and beauty industry.